Marvel’s Black Panther movie is still two years away from release, but it’s slowly making progress from idea to reality. Chadwick Boseman will reprise T’Challa after making his debut in May’s Captain America: Civil War, and it was confirmed this Monday that Creed’s Ryan Coogler will direct the movie. Although the 2018 blockbuster likely won’t start filming until early next year, 2016 will probably be filled with reports on characters we can expect see, including the villain.

The king of Wakanda may not have a rogues gallery as big as someone like Batman or Spider-Man, but he does have a few enemies who have given him a run for his money. Having gone through the hero’s almost 50-year history, we selected the five villains who would be most plausible for T’Challa to battle in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not all of the folks on this list are lead antagonist material (meaning they would serve in a supporting capacity), but they’re still dangerous enough to pose a threat to him and all of Wakanda.

Wakanda is a country filled with warriors, but few are as powerful as M’Baku. Because of his might, he felt only he deserved of the Wakandan throne. After he killed one of the country’s rare white gorillas, ate its flesh, and and mystically became Man-Ape (seriously, this happened), he challenged T’Challa to a battle. However, Black Panther proved to be his better, and Man-Ape was defeated. He remains one of Black Panther’s chief enemies, but he’s also tangled with other Marvel heroes and joined a few supervillain teams. Aside from having to tone down the ritual where he becomes Man-Ape (this will be PG-13, after all), Man-Ape could easily work as Black Panther’s main antagonist. Like his comic book counterpart, he would want to bring Wakanda back to a primitive state by any means necessary. However, it might be more interesting if he worked with another lead villain.

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