The script for Deadpool is practically one long joke. From the moment the film announces that it stars "God’s Perfect Idiot," the jokes never really stop. However, as you could have guessed, there were many, many jokes that didn’t quite make the cut. Most of the scenes in the movie saw multiple takes, each with new and different jokes ad-libbed by Ryan Reynolds and T.J. Miller, or just thrown in from director Tim Miller, or whoever else came up with a great line.

Deadpool’s writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese have pulled back the curtain for Entertainment Weekly on a few of the jokes that didn’t make it into the final movie. Here are a few of our favorites. Minor spoilers for the jokes that did make the final cut beyond this point.

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A Shrek Reference
When Weasel (T.J. Miller) tells Wade Wilson what he looks like after his mutant genes have activated, he makes reference to fornicating avocados and a topographical map of Utah. We’d already heard that Miller went so crazy with that scene that he came up with lines that were even too offensive for the director. One of the available options would have fit perfectly, however.
It looks like Shrek took a shit on your shoulders.

So that image is...vivid. We’ll never be able to watch the animated ogre again without thinking about Deadpool.

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