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Deadpool isn’t your average superhero movie, and not just because of its R rating and fourth wall-breaking protagonist. Over the last month, marketing has kicked up for the Merc with the Mouth’s solo adventure, and it’s been…unusual. From the movie being labeled as romantic to those emoji billboards, the advertising has been just as weird as its protagonist, and their latest promotional move just proves that further.

Earlier today, "Deadpool" took over Fandango’s Twitter account to hold a Q&A and plug his movie. Using the hashtag #Fandeadgo, he touched on a lot of topics, from how big a role chimichangas play in his life to his various sexual escapades. Frankly, he ended up making fun of people more than actually answering their questions. You can head over to the Fandango account to see how the whole event unfolded, but we’ve collected our some of our favorites to give you a sense of what Wade Wilson is like on social media. Spoiler alert: someone should probably keep him away from all keyboards.

Right off the bat, Deadpool didn’t approve of this question of whether he and Spider-Man will team up. It’s common knowledge that 20th Century Fox doesn’t own the rights to the Wall-Crawler, so questioning if those two join forces is going to cause the lawyers to appear out of nowhere. Let that issue be solved in the boardrooms, and leave Wade out of it.

Lest you think Deadpool would be a warm and loving father, just look at what his favorite color is. Imagine Wade Wilson’s unfortunate child staring at wallpaper covered in skulls and darkness. *Shudder*

One of the Deadpool’s posters showed Wade commenting on his ass size, and in one of the recent trailers, the camera lingered on it for a few seconds longer than usual. Unfortunately, if you want your posterior to look as good as his, you’d best find yourself a Kardashian.

If there’s one thing Deadpool won’t tolerate, it's people trying to be funnier than him. To get that message across, he augmented a quote from Fight Club, and for good measure, he "blocked" the person cracking the joke. Tough crowd…

Another thing you probably shouldn’t turn to Deadpool for is dating advice. When one person asked how he should ask out that one special girl from the gym, Wade was too busy daydreaming about the differences between two very similar kinds of reptiles. He can’t be bothered to help with your love life, that's all on you.

Okay, we admit that this is really random even for Deadpool, but it’s still worth including. Someone tweeted Deadpool a picture of macaroni and cheese, and Deadpool lists off some feelings one doesn’t usually have when eating the creamy treat.

While Deadpool has no interest in your love life, he doesn’t mind giving a few teases about his ideal romantic night. It’s a good thing he has that healing factor, otherwise the evening would likely end in a trip to the hospital. It’s a good bet that some of his other favorite "activities" are illegal in multiple states.

Finally, it only makes sense to ask a mercenary about his favorite weapon. As we all know, Deadpool loves to make quips and random comments in battle, which usually throws his adversaries off their game. When that doesn’t work, an AA-12 combat shotgun tends to do the trick, though he has plenty of other toys in his arsenal.

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