By this point, the majority of us have had the opportunity to catch Joss Whedon’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Some have seen it multiple times. We’ve analyzed various aspects of Whedons’ sequel, from the birth of The Vision to the role of new members on the team. But we wanted to take some time and really dig in to the deeper questions raised regarding Age of Ultron, it’s place in the expanded Marvel Cinematic Universe, the ways it sets up Phase Three, and the ways it concludes Phase Two.

It goes without saying that there will be plenty of spoilers for The Avengers: Age of Ultron in this feature.

We gathered five comic-book heavyweights from the CinemaBlend staff and asked them 6 probing Marvel questions. Their answers complete a comprehensive analysis of the MCU at the start of Summer 2015… more than halfway to the two-part Infinity War saga, but with plenty of stories left to tell. Ready to slip on your Infinity Gauntlets and dig your way through the pressing issues of The Avengers and the Marvel universe, as a whole? Let’s start with a basic question that many of you have entertained:

Is Avengers: Age of Ultron A Disappointment?
Sean O’Connell: Not by any standard. Financially, the sequel is making vaults and vaults of cash. Maybe it will fall short of the initial Avengers movie at the global box office when all is said and done, but that film is the THIRD-highest grossing film of all time! Age of Ultron’s doing fine. Creatively, it received more backlash than I expected, but Marvel’s due for some "angry pitchforks." I just figured they would arrive with Ant-Man.

Eric Eisenberg: I don’t believe so, no. It’s true that the movie is not as good as The Avengers, but like every other Marvel title, it is a film that enriches itself with every viewing and will inevitably be seen as a key chapter in the growing Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s not the best Marvel can offer, but I wouldn’t go as far as to call it a disappointment.

Adam Holmes: Definitely not. While some part of it did feel uneven, and certain characters didn’t get as much development as I would have liked (particularly Ultron), overall it was a good story that featured many great moments for most of its characters -- and plenty of great action scenes. I wouldn’t say I was quite as wowed as I was by the first one, but I still had a great time watching the sequel.

Nick Romano: There are a lot of balls in the air with Age of Ultron. There are new characters, like Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver; Easter eggs, like the Wakanda name-drop; side stories, like Thor and the whole "Waters of Sight" thing we don’t fully understand; and teasers for upcoming Marvel films. But that doesn’t make a good film. Was it a fun ride? Definitely. Was it effective? Not as much as the first Avengers.

Brent McKnight: No, I don’t think it was a disappointment. I understand almost all of the issues that other people have, like whether or not there is too much going on, but none of that bothered me all that much. Sure, I would have liked more character development with Ultron, especially in regards to how he relates to Tony Stark, and it has definite problems, but I thoroughly enjoyed the movie start to finish.

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