Now that the summer has officially ended, movie fans are already amalgamating their best-of lists. And while the likes of Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, Inside Out, and The End Of The Tour each enthralled and wowed for a variety of reasons, nothing quite made the critical impact of Mad Max: Fury Road.

Already hailed as one of the greatest action films ever made, Mad Max: Fury Road is now available to buy on DVD and Blu-ray, which means you can now be blown away by George Miller’s bodacious spectacle in the comfort of your own home. To celebrate this release, and for those of you who haven’t already been convinced that Mad Max: Fury Road will make a worthy addition to your shelf, here are five reasons why you should purchase it immediately, and why it was the best movie of summer 2015.

It Took Massive Risks, And Still Succeeded
George Miller was given $150 million to create Mad Max: Fury Road, and it still boggles the mind that Warner Bros. actually entrusted him with so much money to create his sensational garish blockbuster that is completely unlike its peers. The previous Mad Max installment was released all the way back in 1985, while Miller’s recent successes had only come in the animation genre. Plus it was R-rated, was shot in the Namibia desert, and took over two and half years to edit together.

All of this possibly should have given the folks at Warner Bros. pause about funding the film, but they continued to throw money behind it, and Miller’s full vision is up on the screen. Given how many reports we hear about studio meddling, kudos must be given for allowing the writer/director space to create Mad Max: Fury Road, and one could argue that it bodes very well for their work on the DC catalog.

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