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Mad Max Fury Road's Honest Trailer Makes Us Want To Watch This Movie Again Right Now

The internet is full of videos featuring people beating up terrible movies. This is because it’s incredibly easy to do. It’s much harder to make quality jokes at the expense of a good movie. It can actually be even funnier, since you don’t hear those jokes nearly as often. Perfect example: if we’re going to be completely honest about Mad Max: Fury Road, some of it is a bit silly. And now the team behind Honest Trailers has pointed that out to us all.

If nothing else, the Honest Trailer is worth viewing just to hear the announcer use his gravelly voice to mention Babe: Pig in the City (seriously George Miller directed that too) which sounds like a seriously kickass movie when he says it. And while comparing Mad Max: Fury Road to a game of "MarioKart from hell" is not an entirely new idea, after hearing it I would like to say that is some DLC I would totally pick up if Nintendo wants to get on that. The trailer does point out that the plot of the film is fairly light (run away, stop, run back) and while that’s true, it also has to admit that that the action totally makes up for it. Throughout all the jokes, Fury Road still gets its props for practical effects.

The Honest Trailer also points out the often discussed fact that Max Rockatansky is a bit of a side character in a movie that contains his name. While this is true, it’s really true of every Max movie from The Road Warrior on. The other sequels may have been several years ago, but let’s not pretend they don’t exist. Max plays witness more than protagonist in most of the Mad Max films. That’s his job. We all just need to accept that and get on with our lives.

Just because Mad Max: Fury Road is a great movie, and it is, doesn’t mean that we can’t all laugh at it a little. When they make the movie that you remember as a two-hour nonstop action scene look an RV trip with your grandfather, it’s just funny even if they are the only three scenes in the film that don't include something blowing up. And for those you just like to beat up on the terrible movies, no worries, they get a dig in on Terminator: Genisys too, just for good measure.

As far as Mad Max: Fury Road trailers that don’t include lightsabers, this is a pretty great one. It’s also a perfect appetizer for the forthcoming home video release of the film, which will be available on Blu-ray and DVD next Tuesday.

Dirk Libbey
Dirk Libbey

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