While Leonardo DiCaprio’s recent triumph suggests all things good come to those that wait, it’s really hard to win an Oscar. History is littered with legendary actors, actresses, directors, writers and producers that somehow never managed to claim one of the coveted gongs. 

Just look at Jake Gyllenhaal. Despite being just 35-years-old, he has now had around half a dozen performances that should have resulted in him sat at the Academy Awards trembling with nerves and anticipation over whether he’ll have to make a speech. 

But rather bizarrely, Jake Gyllenhaal has only received one Oscar nomination. That’s a huge oversight on behalf of the Academy. But which roles should have resulted in the actor being acknowledged? Well, to celebrate his performance in Demolition, here are the five roles that Jake Gyllenhaal really should have been rewarded with a Oscar nomination for. To be honest, it could have been even more, too.

While Donnie Darko was the first time audiences saw the true potential of Jake Gyllenhaal as a leading man, it wasn’t until 2005 where his prowess really came to the fore. After being overlooked for leading roles in Lord Of The Rings, Spider-Man, and Batman Begins, Jake Gyllenhaal was cast and then received critical acclaim for Jarhead, which was overseen by the Academy Award winning director Sam Mendes. What’s especially impressive about Gyllenhaal’s performance is just how restrained he is, as he allows the frustrations of the character to wallow rather than being forced down viewers’ throats. But while Jake Gyllenhaal might have been disappointed that his work in Jarhead wasn’t acknowledged, he could at least console himself with the fact that his Brokeback Mountain performance did actually earn him a Best Supporting Actor nomination. It’s just a travesty that’s still the only one he's received. 

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