6 Classic Characters The Next Jurassic World Needs To Bring Back

Colin Trevorrow's Jurassic World is a rare species, as it serves not only as a successful continuation of the series, but also as an opportunity to re-write or reconnect with the events of the sequels that came after Jurassic Park hit it big 22 years ago. After all, bringing BD Wong’s Dr. Henry Wu back into the picture provided some nostalgia fuel, as well as a creative avenue for the next entry in the Jurassic Park franchise to take.

With the franchise and moviegoers successfully thrown back into the mix together, we have no possible idea what to expect with the sequel. What we do know is that if we had a choice, we’d like to bring back some other classic characters from the franchise’s past! So allow us to ignore Jurassic Park III, and fill in the gaps of the future with some storytelling DNA from The Lost World: Jurassic Park, to create a future for the Jurassic World franchise.


Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum)

When We Last Saw Him: After surviving the events on Isla Nublar in Jurassic Park, Dr. Malcolm was begrudgingly drafted to find/protect his girlfriend – animal behavioralist and adventure seeker, Dr. Sarah Harding. Not only did Dr. Malcolm’s journey take him to Isla Sorna , the island where the park’s dinosaurs were bred for the most part, it also took him to San Diego to face off with an angry Tyrannosaurus rex.

How They Could Bring Him Back:We’ve seen that Dr. Malcolm is a successful author, so his expertise and past experience would make him invaluable when it comes to Jurassic Park and its inhabitants. With Jurassic World taking its place as the latest monument to mankind’s hubris involving dinosaurs, it’s time to bring in everyone’s favorite Chaotician to say that he told them so.


Dr. Sarah Harding (Julianne Moore)

When We Last Saw Her: When John Hammond asked Dr. Sarah Harding to venture to Isla Nublar’s Site B, Isla Sorna, in order to document the dinosaurs that were roaming free in the wild, she couldn’t say anything but yes. Neither Site B nor San Diego could take down Dr. Harding, and to our knowledge she remains happily ever after with Ian Malcolm and his daughter, Kelly.

How They Could Bring Her Back: Seeing as we’re pretty much lead to believe that Dr. Malcolm has toned his personality down to the point of functioning with other people, especially women and children, it wouldn’t be a stretch to bring back Dr. Harding as his companion/wife. Her expertise with the behavior of dinosaurs compliments Malcolm’s knowledge of chaos theory, so these two alone could help Chris Pratt’s Owen and friends defend themselves against an island of dinosaurs.


Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill)

When We Last Saw Him: The next two entries are very complicated, as they make us violate our willful ignorance of Jurassic Park III’s events. At the end of Jurassic Park, Dr. Grant was safe and sound with Dr. Sattler and the kids, possibly ready to handle bringing their relationship to the next step. However, Jurassic Park III tore them apart, put them on different paths, and made Dr. Grant a guide for hire to the Kirby family, who let their son get stranded on Isla Sorna.

How They Could Bring Him Back: It’s time to hear those sweet words yet again: we have to ignore Jurassic Park III’s events. This means that we can restore Dr. Grant as a pillar of paleontological academia, instead of a discredited kook. Since Jurassic Park is now widely accepted as actually existing, the survivors of the first film can be scientific experts again. Which means Dr. Grant could be swayed with a fat paycheck, and a companion from the past, to come back for one last ride.


Dr. Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern)

When We Last Saw Her: In her character’s fractured continuum, Jurassic Park’s Ellie Sattler saw herself surviving a nasty chase with a Velociraptor and ready to move on with Dr. Grant. Unfortunately for the woman who stood up for herself against a misogynistic, but kindly old man,Jurassic Park III’s Dr. Sattler saw her married out of the plot and turned into a deus ex machina.

How They Could Bring Her Back: Surprise! It wasn’t mentioned before, but Jurassic World employed Dr. Sattler when it came to designing its flora and fauna layouts all over the park - which means she needs to come back thanks to professional loyalty and contractual obligation. While Dr. Sattler never married Dr. Grant in the books, or our mentally displaced sequel, the possibility of Dr. Sattler luring Dr. Grant back into the adventure fold sounds like a great idea. Not to mention, it redeems the horrible way her character was discarded in that movie we no longer have to speak of again!

Van Owen

Nick Van Owen (Vince Vaughn)

When We Last Saw Him: After the events of The Lost World: Jurassic Park, videographer/eco-activist/saboteur Nick Van Owen was seen being airlifted out of Isla Sorna. He saved the dinosaurs, for the most part, from InGen’s clutches. He radioed for help to come and rescue himself, Dr. Malcolm, and all of the other survivors. He was a badass that was absent for the entire San Diego sequence.

How They Could Bring Him Back:Given Van Owen’s activism, he would have definitely protested Jurassic World’s existence, not to mention all of the behind the scenes backstabbing InGen conducted against Masrani Global. If anything, Nick could be the Jurassic Park franchise’s version of Edward Snowden, as he is assuredly more than aware of what’s happening behind closed doors, and is likely to get involved to stop those who would make dinosaurs their personal army.


Tim Murphy (Joseph Mazzello)

When We Last Saw Him: Tim, along with his sister Lex, survived Jurassic Park thanks to their wits as well as the protection of Dr. Grant and Dr. Sattler. As the chopper leaves Isla Nublar, Tim and his sister are asleep, next to the man he idolizes and looks up to. That hero worship could only grow after being saved by the man who wrote some of his favorite texts from his childhood.

How They Could Bring Him Back: While Lex probably wouldn’t be the biggest dinosaur fan after their mutual adventure, Timmy more than likely would have dived in with both feet and became a paleontologist like his personal hero. After years of studying, with his phD overseen by Dr. Grant himself, Dr. Tim Murphy could be a paleontologist, and consultant to Masrani Global in their Jurassic World project. His mentor may not be happy where he’s landed, but Tim’s ready to preserve the creatures that he now better understands.

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