This week, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige was on hand at the CineEurope conference in Barcelona, and he brought a lot of goodies along with him. In addition to a reel of footage showcasing Guardians Of The Galaxy, he had some updates on six different areas of the empire that were in production. On any other day, this would be played off as a standard advertising tactic, but this is Marvel Studios we're talking about here. This is the studio who hit a massive bump in the road with Edgar Wright's departure from Ant-Man and made a lot of digital ink with critics and analysts wondering if Marvel's salad days had wilted away.

Make no mistake about it, Kevin Feige knew that this presentation needed to be nothing short of marvelous in order to restore a degree of confidence to the public. Comic readers and moviegoers alike have been scratching their heads over the fate of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Feige tried to assure fans that all is well in their universe, despite some unwanted shake ups. Did he succeed or did he just dig himself a deeper hole? Well, you'll be able to judge for yourself, as we jump into six focus points the Marvel Studios bigwig hit upon in his speech.

A Mountain Out Of An Ant Hill
Ant Man Is Still A Mess, But Making Progress
With Peyton Reed and Adam McKay taking over the Ant-Man project after Edgar Wright's unfortunate departure, the public opinion on the project has been less than stellar. For a good long while, Marvel Studios seemed to have avoided conflicts of interest between itself and its creative artists, but with this incident currently in focus any movement is questioned with a heavy amount of scrutiny. Thankfully, Kevin Feige remarked on the current state of the project, and the status update is more hopeful than we'd thought, particularly with this remark about how much work Adam McKay would have ahead of him:
Adam McKay, a very good writer, is reworking parts of the script - not the entirety of the script, but some of it - and it's going to, we believe, come to life in the best version of Ant-Man that we could possibly make.

While using Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish's script as the foundation for Ant-Man might seem like a slap in the face to some, it's as good of a tribute to the long and hard road that Wright walked for so many years in trying to bring the project to the screen. With new details coming at a regular interval and the cast still in tact (despite their disappointment that they won't get to work with the British funster), Ant-Man does seem like it'll make its release date without a hitch. Provided no one else decides to quit, that is. While Ant-Man is the current face of Phase 3, Doctor Strange is the character that could be the next Iron Man of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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