For more than two decades, Star Wars further explored that famous galaxy far, far away outside of the movies through the Expanded Universe, a.k.a. the EU. Then, after Disney bought Lucasfilm, it was announced that aside from the six live-action movies and the Clone Wars animated series, every book, comic, video game, and other kind of media was no longer canon. Lucasfilm now has a division that makes sure every non-movie story lines up with the new canon, and the pre-2014 material, whether it’s from before the Prequel Trilogy or after Return of the Jedi, now falls under the "Legends" banner. Fortunately, there may still be some opportunities to bring back some of these EU players back into the main Star Wars universe, as it's been said they can be mined for content.

A few weeks ago, it was rumored that Grand Admiral Thrawn, arguably the EU’s greatest antagonist, will make his official canon debut in the Disney XD series Star Wars Rebels. While that has yet to be confirmed, it does open the possibility of reintroducing these EU characters into the main canon. Obviously all these people would need adjustments in order to not only fit the new timeline, but whatever projects they appear in, they’d be great additions from the old continuity. Let the following folks live on in this brave new Star Wars world.

Mara Jade
Mara Jade
Depending on who you ask, Mara Jade is the most well known character in the Expanded Universe. Introduced in Heir to the Empire (the same book where Thrawn debuted), Mara originally served as the Emperor’s Hand, one of his best special agents. After the Battle of Endor, when she came across Luke Skyalker, she tried to kill him both out of loyalty to the Emperor and because of a mental command he left her before he died. Luke was able to help her break free of this control, and, while helping her hone her Force abilities in later books, they fell in love and eventually married. She was later killed by her nephew, Jacen Solo, in the "Legacy of the Force" book Sacrifice.

Because so much time has passed between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, we wouldn’t be able to see Luke and Mara have the same kind of relationship. Plus, Luke will already be busy training Rey in Episode VIII, so adding another pupil would be overkill. That leaves two options movie-wise: either keep her as one of the Emperor’s operatives in one of the prequel spinoffs, or have her as one of Luke’s apprentices who managed to avoid being killed by the Knights of Ren.

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