After many years of animated, comic book and video game appearances, Harley Quinn is finally making her theatrical debut this August in Suicide Squad. It was expected that she would survive the events of that movie and return, but today brought the news that Warner Bros is developing a Harley Quinn-centered spinoff movie, which will see Margot Robbie reprising the clownish psychopath on screen and producing off camera. However, Harley won’t be the only star of this movie, as other female DC heroes and villains will be major players.

Aside from Batgirl and the Birds of Prey being mentioned as possibilities, the original report didn’t offer any clues about the rest of this project’s cast. Fortunately, there are plenty of popular female characters DC Comics has featured over the decades, and we’ve gathered the seven best heroines and villains who would fit this particular DCEU entry perfectly.

Batgirl was mentioned as a possible player in this movie, and of all the heroines in the DC universe, she’s the one who would fit best in the story. She’s tangled with Harley plenty of times in the comics and other media, both by Batman’s side and on her own, so she’s the most deserving to clash with Harley on the big screen. It’s been said that Jena Malone is playing Barbara Gordon in the DCEU, and while her scenes were cut out of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s theatrical release they’ll be back in for the Ultimate Edition. However, it hasn’t been confirmed whether Barbara is still Batgirl in this universe, and many believe that she’s wheelchair-bound and serving as Oracle instead. That would leave two options for this Harley Quinn movie. One, the DCEU pulls a New 52 and has Barbara recover from her injuries and resume being Batgirl, or two, we’ll see someone else in the guise, like Cassandra Cain.

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