Deadpool 2 was reportedly green lit before the first film was finished with preview audiences. Now that Deadpool has become not only a bonafide hit, but the biggest chapter in the X-Men franchise, there’s really no question that a sequel is coming. It’s happening people. The only questions are how fast will it happen, and what will it look like when it gets here.

While the people behind Deadpool 2 have it made it clear that they’re not going to over-do the budget on the sequel just for the sake of spending money, we still expect that some new characters will make appearances, as either friends or foes, regardless of whether or not everybody from the first film returns. So who would we like to see join Deadpool 2? Here are a few ideas.

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We’ll start with the obvious one and get him out of the way. Cable will be there. Ryan Reynolds told us as much in the closing credits of the current film. It wasn’t a tease. It wasn’t a hint. It was a statement. As one of Deadpool’s long time frenemies, it makes perfect sense. Now the only question is who will play the role. Stephen Lang has said he wants the job. Deadpool’s creator thinks Jon Hamm would be perfect. We’re honestly not against Keira Knightley. The sky’s the limit here.

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