In the age of digital media – a time when just about every movie ever made is just button click away – remakes don’t really make a ton of sense. Why are people going to pay extra money to see a rehash of a story they already know and can watch any time? Instead, what’s really in right now is the creation of expansive continuities, be it in the form of cinematic universes, or story continuation – as audiences will see Hollywood exhibit this week with the release of John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein’s Vacation.

The release of the new comedy, which is set 30+ years after the original and finds the young characters as grown-ups, got us thinking: what are some other 1980s titles that could potentially benefit from further continuity expansion? We picked out nine choices, so read on to find out what they are!

The Fly
The Fly
Back in 2009, a rumor began circulating saying that David Cronenberg was considering doing another remake of The Fly. It turned out, however, that those reports were erroneous, and that the director actually wanted to make a project that’s more of a sequel – partially inspired by a conversation Cronenberg had with Mel Brooks. He never gave any plot details away, only noting that technology has advanced a great degree in the last 25 years. Fox ultimately decided to not move forward with the movie, but in the conversation of bringing back ‘80s titles, I can think of few ideas better than Cronenberg going back to The Fly.

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