Aaron Paul Playing Han Solo In A Star Wars Film? Here's What He Says

Actors. They’re always the last to know when they are up for a pivotal role that could turn their careers around. I’m kidding. Actors usually are involved with every strategic step when it comes to negotiating for crucial parts, which is why I choose to believe Aaron Paul when he shoots down the rumors that he might be playing Han Solo in a spinoff Star Wars movie.

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OK, so, the Breaking Bad star doesn’t actually come out and say "No" to the rumor that he might be playing Han Solo in a planned Star Wars movie. In case you hadn’t heard, Paul’s name was loosely attached to the solo Star Wars movie that Godzilla director Gareth Edwards will direct for Disney. Some took the next step and connected Paul’s name to the part of young Han Solo – even though we don’t even know that Solo will be a character in this movie. Admittedly, there has been a lot of "connecting of the dots," even though we don’t really know what the dots are, or where they might lie on the page.

It’s also very possible that Aaron Paul’s name could be connected to Star Wars because the Exodus: Gods and Kings star just participated in Jason Reitman’s live read of The Empire Strikes Back. Yet, in that staging, Paul played Mark Hamill’s role of Luke Skywalker, while Han Solo went to Juno star Ellen Page. Because of course.

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Not that Aaron Paul would (or should) sniff at the opportunity to play Han Solo in a Star Wars movie. Despite dominating the small screen as Jesse Pinkman in the legendary cable series Breaking Bad, Paul has struggled to find big-screen success as an actor. He blended into the scenery in Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings, and stumbled in his first stab at action in the car-crash soap opera Need for Speed. His tide could turn in 2015, as he has four movies on the docket, including Triple Nine with Kate Winslet for John Hillcoat. But yeah, if Disney wanted to dangle Han Solo in front of Aaron Paul, you can be sure he’d listen. It just sounds like, at the moment the part isn’t available to him.

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