We know from the title alone that Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter isn't going to be your typical drama about our 16th President-- you can wait for Steven Spielberg's Lincoln later this year if that's what you're looking for. A few images from the film, especially this one, have given us a sense of what Honest Abe will look like when wielding his axe to fight the undead, but a new feature over at Entertainment Weekly really shows off the goods-- not just Benjamin Walker as Lincoln, but some of his vampire foes as well.

Check out two of the images below, with one of Walker in mid-action and one of Rufus Sewell and Erin Wesson, who clearly dominate Lincoln in his first battle against them. Click on the images for a link to the full EW story with the other three images.

The story itself gets into a lot of detail about the plot of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, including why vampires support slavery, how Lincoln hooks up with the freed slave character played by Anthony Mackie, and how the movie actually does link up with events from the real Lincoln's life. But my favorite part has got to be Walker's theory on why the real Lincoln might have really dug the movie that has him slaying vampires with an axe:

“When he was a lawyer, going on the road, staying up late nights with legislators and businessmen in taverns, he was the life of the party; a very exciting and entertaining man in his own right,” Walker says. “I think he’d love our movie.”

You can judge for yourself when Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter comes to theaters June 22. In the meantime, find everything else you need to know about the movie in our Blend Film Database.

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