Adrien Brody, Jonathan Rhys Meyers And Alice Eve Up For Roles In Fantastic Four Reboot?

Last we heard about the Fantastic Four reboot, it had received the title Fantastic Four Reborn, and is was the first bit of news since the project was announced more than a year ago. As it turns out, that title is actually false and now casting considerations have begun.

ScreenRant is reporting that the production is looking at either Adrien Brody or Jonathan Rhys Meyers for the role of Mr. Fantastic and a title has not yet been determined, according to an unnamed source. There have also been rumors stirred up that Alice Eve could be in the running for the role of Sue Storm, according to Comic Book Movie. Whoever is selected for the roles, they will be replacing Ioan Gruffudd and Jessica Alba as the couple at the head of the team.

From an acting standpoint, Brody, Meyers and Eve are all upgrades from the previous two films and do make sense. As for the authenticity of the rumor, some parts do make sense. Predators wasn't the most successful movie at the box office this summer but it more than doubled its budget internationally and Fox was more than happy with that, which gives Brody legs for the project. As for Eve, her name came up in conversation when discussing her reasoning for dropping out of X-Men: First Class and using it as proof that she was still on good terms with the studio. Regardless of who joins the cast of the reboot, there is an important thing to realize: the bar isn't exactly unreachable.

Eric Eisenberg
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