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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Will Not Suffer From Villain Overload

Marc Webb stepped briefly into the web of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 promotion while serving as a keynote speaker at the 2014 South By Southwest film festival. The director spoke at length about his superhero franchise on Saturday, and directly addressed the concern that his pending sequel will have too many villains.

Speaking to the crowd, Webb confirmed, according to The Hollywood Reporter, that one specific villain will only have a few minutes of screen time. Four, to be exact. So the idea of villain overcrowding is misguided. Said Webb:

Paul [Giamatti] is in the movie for four minutes."

The opening four minutes, if I had to wager a guess. I think that Webb opens The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with a spectacular car-crash scene, the one featured in the below clips. It will be a way to introduce Giamatti’s Russian gangster character, Aleski, and then placehold him for future installments, when he can fully transform into the Rhino.

The only thing I’m confused at by these comments is this picture:


If Giamatti only gets four minutes of screen time, who is in this metallic Rhino costume? Was this filmed for inclusion in later sequels? There have been on-set photos of Giamatti going "rhino-crazy" in a mechanical suit. Will that be part of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, or was Webb getting coverage with the actor while he had him?

Webb has said in the THR interview that he will "embrace the spectacle" in this sequel, where he fought for a more grounded Spider-Man movie in his origin story. Said Webb:

I'm not going to be beholden to smallness. I want it to be fantastic, to be big, to command and express that feeling when you're a kid and reading the comics. ... I didn't want to hide or shy away from that."

I also love this shot Webb Tweeted of his final mix, in 3D:

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is coming soon, opening in theaters on May 2. Our complete guide to the sequel answers any question you might have as you prepare for Spidey’s swinging sequel. Just don’t hope for too much Rhino this time out.

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