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This April the Y2K nostalgia is going to be hitting in full force, as the raunchy, immature gang of American Pie gets back together and proves that, with 12 years gone by since the first movie, they haven't really grown up at all. Yes, technically there were two more American Pie movies that came out after the landmark first one, but the new trailer for American Reunion seems to be pretending they never happened, so let's play along and do the same. Check out the new trailer below and we'll talk after.

Even from the very first music cue, from Semisonic's "Closing Time," I'm sold-- and the fact that I graduated high school three years after these characters did probably has a lot to do with the fact that I'm excited about this movie. Though the conflicts in this movie seem ridiculous-- does anyone actually believe Jason Biggs's Jim is going to cheat on Alyson Hannigan after all they've been through?-- and it's kind of sad to see Stifler still trying to bang high school chicks, but there's something lovely and nostalgic about seeing all these guys back together again, just as immature as they ever were.

My big lingering question about this though-- what kind of reunion is this supposed to be? The gang graduated high school in 1999, but if this is their 10-year reunion, that means the movie is taking place in 2009… which is plausible I guess, but strange. Will there be a bunch of jokes about the new presidency of Barack Obama? Or everyone speculating about what the iPad might be like? It could be some super exciting double-reverse nostalgia! Or, y'know, just a plot point that nobody else sees the need to address.

If you're excited about American Reunion like I am, you'll be happy to realize we don't have much longer to wait-- the movie hits theaters April 6.

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