If you were on the internet today around 2 PM EST, chances are you were getting an earful about the casting of Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor in Warner Bros.’ mooted Batman/Superman mashup. Maybe you were upset. Maybe you were amused. Maybe you run the Now You See Me fanclub and were overjoyed. Regardless, you were distracted.

So it’s unfortunate that Sony went with that time to continue their The Amazing Spider-Man 2 multimedia blitz with Andrew Garfield taking over the @SpiderManMovie Twitter by answering fan questions. And given that Sony has more obvious influence on Spider-Man than any other parent company has over their comic movie characters, you can rest assured that the questions were picked to be the most simple and least-offensive.

The big reveal from Garfield about the Spider-Man suit itself? It’s a total pain to wear. And later… When asked about his favorite spider-Man arcs, Garfield got a little unpredictable, but he also basically dated himself with his 90’s-centric answer. And when it came time to spill the details on all the top secret plot details regarding the new film, he was more than ready to spill. Okay, maybe not! You can’t help but think Garfield, who had these questions forward to him by Entertainment Tonight’s Twitter, while using Sony’s official spider-Man Twitter, also had some pushy publicist hanging over his shoulder, sussing out every single word he typed. That’s what happens when you have to promote a blockbuster.

The rest of Garfield’s questions basically repeated already-covered ground, with a few motivational statements and mantras thrown in there for good measure. These aren’t Raimi’s films with a sweaty, schizophrenic Goblin family. This is big laser and special effects Spidey for the family. Appropriately, Garfield closed with this sweet missive, claiming that Spidey taught Garfield to appreciate life in the fast lane.

Until the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, you can get ready for a new trailer that will debut in front of the Super Bowl. Watch a chunk of it here, and get ready to swing with Sony’s latest in the webhead’s saga, this May.

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