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Andrew Garfield, Gemma Arterton On Board For Robert Capa Biopic

With biopics already a go for Lincoln and Hoover, it seems reasonable that Hollywood would get behind one about someone a little less famous. The Michael Mann-directed Capa about Spanish Civil War photographer Robert Capa is finally picking up steam after months of idling. Word is he’s found his two leads, and it’s very hard to argue with either of his choices.

According to Total Film, Andrew Garfield has been cast as Capa himself, while Gemma Arterton will play his partner and lover Gerda Taro. The script will reportedly follow the acclaimed novel Waiting For Robert Capa, which means the flick will likely cover exclusively or almost exclusively his time shooting the Spanish Civil War.

I’ll stop short of calling that limited scope a shame, but it is at least noteworthy that Capa led a fascinating life outside the Spanish Civil War. Not only did he famously date and almost marry Ingrid Berman, he also shot more than a hundred photographs of D-Day. All but eight were ruined by a third party darkroom mistake, which Life falsely claimed was due to his camera shaking from nervousness. Oh yeah, he also died after a landmine exploded on him in Vietnam.

It may seem stupid to embark on a biopic ignoring the most famous portion of a person’s life; however, the same strategy has worked numerous times, including recently in The Fighter. That flick ignores Micky Ward’s epic trilogy with Arturo Gatti, only mentioning it in a brief postscript.

No official dates for when filming might begin, but with the main pieces falling into place, it hopefully shouldn’t be too long.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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