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It was only two days ago that a report came out saying that Austin-based writer Steven John Busti is suing the people behind Cowboys & Aliens for ripping off a story he created years ago, but today we have a whole new plagiarism case hitting Hollywood. This time, though, it's less about cowboys using laser blasters and more about genocide during the Bosnian War.

Angelina Jolie is being sued by Croatian journalist and author Josip J. Knezevic who claims that the actress-turned-writer/director stole from him to craft the screenplay behind In The Land of Blood and Honey, Jolie's directorial debut. First reported by the Chicago Sun-Times, the story doesn't say what specific works Knezevic believes Jolie ripped off. The lawsuit was filed last week and in addition to Jolie the case includes producer Edin Sarkic (who has met with the plaintiff) and FilmDistrict, the movie's theatrical distributor.

When reached for comment about the lawsuit, a source close to the Oscar winner said, "When Angie sets her mind on doing something — like this extremely challenging project — she will charge ahead. She will not be deterred by something like this [lawsuit]."

As the newspaper points out, one interesting thing about this case is that the lawsuit was filed before the film's release date. This is actually quite rare, as most plaintiffs wait until the movie is in theaters so that they can judge how successful it is at the box office. This happens more than you might think, as in recent years similar cases have been filed against Conan the Barbarian, Avatar, Borat and the aforementioned Cowboys & Aliens. As the case develops you can be sure that we will report on the details.