$41 million dollars on an opening weekend gets you lots of things, like a guaranteed sequel, even when the movie that makes that $41 million is a sequel. So it’s no surprise Movehole posted the news yesterday that the Weinsteins have announced Scary Movie 5 coming to theaters near you some point in the future. Jeez, couldn’t a few more of you have watched The Passion of the Christ for your Easter entertainment?

At this point details on the sequel are sketchy at best but it’s probably not stretching too far to guess David Zucker, who took over the franchise with Scary Movie 3 will be back for the fifth movie in the parody series, as will (most likely) series stars Anna Faris and Regina Hall.

With no budget, definable names, or release date planned, the sequel will just hang out there on the horizon for a while. I guess that’s a good thing for the movie makers, who will need 2006 to generate some material for Scary Movie 5 before they can make the parodies. No doubt whatever successful films and iconic moments you see in theaters over the next few months will be the subject matter for the next Scary Movie.

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