Ant-Man Has Way More Problems Than We Realized, According To This Video

While Marvel’s Ant-Man was not the smash hit that we’ve come to expect from the MCU, the movie was a solid success with both critics and fans. Whether or not you thought Ant-Man was fantastic or forgettable, it’s now time to give it a look once again and see everything that went wrong with the most recent Marvel movie. We give you: Everything Wrong With Ant-Man.

Most of the issues are of the nitpick variety to be sure, but those are the fun ones to point out. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one wondering how in the world Scott Lang put the Ant-Man suit on in his jail cell in less than ten seconds. That thing is way more complicated than actual clothes, and you probably couldn't get fully dressed in 10 seconds without putting your shirt on backward. There’s some real gold in this video though. "Darren Cross is a dick to tiny baby sheep" might be the greatest sentence in the history of the CinemaSins YouTube channel.

The video also includes an interesting moment which actually shows some of the great little bits of writing that helps the Marvel Cinematic Universe feel so connected. At one point in the movie, Hank Pym says that they can’t call the Avengers because they’re probably "too busy dropping cities out of the sky." The video sins that moment because, after all, it was Ultron who did the dropping of cities. But, as we have seen in the trailer for Captain America: Civil War the destruction in Sokovia is the reason that the hero registration is taking place. It’s clear that many people blame the Avengers for the act of destruction (ultimately Ultron was Tony Stark’s fault anyway, right?). Apparently Hank Pym is one of them. It’s a minor detail, but it helps set the stage in a way that you probably don’t even notice on a first viewing. I wonder how Hank’s going to feel when he learns that Scott is hanging out with Captain America?

No movie is without sin and while Ant-Man has its share it’s still pretty good. It will likely be forever lost in the shuffle as it wasn’t the breakout unexpected smash that Guardians of the Galaxy was, nor was it the action blockbuster like a Captain America film. We will also always be left wondering what the movie would have been like had Edgar Wright ever actually directed it, thus the movie’s final sentence for its sins is concluded to be, a punishment too wrong to make a Wright. Whatever that means.

Dirk Libbey
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