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The Avenger Who Needs Their Own Solo Movie, According To Fans

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to unleash its 13th film, there are several heroes within the MCU who have never been given their share of the spotlight. 1,000 movie fans were recently asked which hero, currently on Marvel’s second string, should get the promotion to headliner. The answer, somewhat unsurprisingly, was Black Widow, as nearly half of all respondents said she should get her own movie.

The survey was conducted for USA Today (opens in new tab) by, who polled people who had already purchased tickets to Captain America: Civil War, meaning that these were some pretty solid fans of the MCU. They were asked which of the six Avengers, who have never had a movie, should get one. The results look like this.

Black Widow: 48%Vision: 15%Falcon: 12%Hawkeye: 10%War Machine: 8%Scarlet Witch: 7%

The overwhelming support for a Black Widow movie is not really a shock. Of all the options listed Black Widow is the longest serving supporting character, having appeared since Iron Man 2, the MCU’s third film overall. Since then, she’s only become more important to the franchise. On top of that, she’s the most important female character in the universe thus far. Only men have headlined movies for Marvel to date, and there’s a vocal contingent of fans who wish they didn’t have to wait for 2019’s Captain Marvel to see that change. Even with that film planned down the line, there are many fans who think Scarlett Johansson has paid her dues and deserves to get a starring role.

For her part, Scarlett Johansson has said that she’s up for a Black Widow movie if and when Marvel gets around to making it. Everybody from Captain America: Civil War directors Joe and Anthony Russo to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. star Clark Gregg has said that Black Widow should get her own film. There’s been some skepticism regarding how successful a Black Widow movie would actually be, regardless of how much fans say they want it, as female led action films have had a hit-or-miss history. Although, Johansson’s Lucy was one of those hits, so fans will apparently spend nearly a half-billion dollars at the box office to see her kicking ass, and that’s without the Marvel brand attached.

As far as the rest of the crew goes, solo movies for them are not particularly likely, either. Anthony Mackie has said he’s not really interested in doing a solo film, although Jeremy Renner has said he’d be up for it. Do you agree with this poll? Which Avenger would you like to see get their own movie? Let us know in our own poll below.

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