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The Avengers Assemble In New Trailer With An Alien Twist

As teased for days now, the newest trailer for Marvel's The Avengers has arrived at last via Apple. You can watch it in HD over there or embedded below.


As expected, there's continued heavy emphasis on the big battle scene on the streets of New York City, the scene that's featured heavily in all the marketing so far and even the set photos. Then the trailer segues into kind of a "getting the band back together" montage, culminating with sassy Tony Stark, of course, who apparently kicks off his participation in the Avengers by beating the hell out of Thor. It's not just Stark who gets the good lines though-- there's a nice presence of Loki taunting the team, and then as predicted, much better shots of Mark Ruffalo's Hulk, who looks better every time we see him. The very end of the trailer, of course, is the money shot-- the giant alien ship that represents the supposedly mysterious forces that help Loki in his fight, though at this point pretty much everyone assumes they're Skrulls. The bug-like ship looks straight out of Transformers, but we'll forgive a small lack of originality for now-- the fact that they've saved that reveal this long is pretty impressive.

There's far more new footage in this than I was expecting, and though it's still unclear what kind of action we'll see beyond the giant New York scene and the various Avengers squabbling amongst themselves, the goods appear to be there. Let us know in the comments what you think of the trailer, and whether or not Joss Whedon and company have you convinced that a superhero movie this gigantic can actually succeed. For everything else you need to know about The Avengers, visit our Blend Film Database. The movie opens in the United States on May 4.

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