The Avengers contains too many superheroes for each of them to have their own character poster. Even if you think you've got Iron Man on his own, The Hulk is going to be somewhere in the background fending off crime, and Captain America wlll be standing strong in front of the camera while Hawkeye provides backup behind him. That seems to be the message behind the new batch of character posters for The Avengers, at least, with six one-sheets all ostensibly featuring one character, but with all the rest of them somehow part of the background. Click on Black Widow below to visit our full gallery, which includes the six new character posters.

Of course, individual character posters for The Avengers are nothing new-- back in November, before we'd seen much of anything from the movie, we got these banners lining up each individual character within the Avengers logo. But these new posters seem much more suited to the new trailer, with the emphasis on the big fight scene in the middle of the New York street, and hints of those alien war spacecrafts hovering on the horizon. True, they do also feel a little repetitive-- how many times can we watch Scarlett Johansson give that same intense gaze?-- but I guess that's the price you pay for thematic consistency in a marketing campaign.

WIth Joss Whedon spilling a few details about the movie and the release date not even two months away, it's officially crunch time for Avengers mania to get started. If you're not excited about it now you probably never will be, but let us know if this helped move the needle for you one way or another.

(Hat tip to The Film Stage for digging up two of the posters, which appear to be from the UK)

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