Baywatch Adds The One Actress We All Wanted

In its day Baywatch was one of the most popular TV shows in the world. Pretty people running around in swimsuits is a fairly universal concept that requires little translation. The original series turned a number of lovely ladies into well known names, but there’s a single name that stands above all as the biggest star of the original series, and now she’s back for the cinematic reboot. Pamela Anderson has officially joined the Baywatch movie.

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The news broke via The Rock’s Instagram page, because that’s where literally all the news regarding this movie has come from. The image shows us Dwayne Johnson and Pamela Anderson together, and of course somewhere near the water, although Johnson doesn’t look particularly ready to go running down the beach in slow motion. We have no idea what sort of role the actress will be taking. The only thing we know for sure is that she will not be reprising her original series role of C.J. Parker, as that’s being taken by newcomer Kelly Rohrbach.

A couple of months ago Pamela Anderson said that she’d been offered a role in the new Baywatch film, though the implication at the time was that she was leaning toward not taking it. While she appreciated the offer, she didn’t really see it as a benefit to her. Anderson appears to have been warming to the concept over time however, as several months ago she seemed completely against the entire concept of the reboot. Maybe they just had to wait for her to come around herself.

Pamela Anderson isn’t the only member of the classic Baywatch cast to be making her return to the beach. The Anderson announcement comes on the heels that David Hasselhoff will also be making an appearance in the film. The Hoff was the lynchpin character that held the entire series together while so many bathing beauties shifted in and out around him. We’re sure it was a tough job. It’s amazing he wants to go back.

The new Baywatch will star The Rock and Zac Efron in the lead roles; the other members of the life guard team include Alexandra Daddario and Prinyanka Chopra. The plan for the reboot appears to be for an action comedy. Oh, and they’re apparently shooting for an R-rating. Everything about this movie just seems to get crazier. However, it’s all so crazy, it just might work.

Pamela Anderson is synonymous with Baywatch so whatever the role, and whatever it’s size, it will just be right to see her again.

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