The Rock's Baywatch Picture Of Alexandra Daddario Needs To Be Seen

By now we all know that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Zac Efron are teaming up to bring a new version of the television mega-hit Baywatch to the big screen. A few weeks ago we got a look at what the guys who watch the bay will be wearing while on duty, and now we have a look at their female counterparts, thanks (as usual) to The Rock.

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Dwayne Johnson posted this shot of himself and actress Alexandra Daddario on his Instagram page earlier today, and if it were a secret before, now we know one definite reason why Daddario was chosen to play Summer Quinn in the film. You see what I’m getting at? She’s hot, OK? There, I said it. And, you kind of have to be in order to get away with itty bitty bikini bottoms and a skin tight, midriff baring top which conveniently unzips to show off as much of your assets as possible. She’s even already got the beach hair and sultry, "I’m gonna save you, baby," look down pat.

Alexandra Daddario got her start on All My Children from 2002 through 2003, and has gone on to appear in a number of film and TV projects. Her credits include The Sopranos, Law & Order, Damages, Nurse Jackie and Parenthood. Her most recognizable roles, though, have probably been as Annabeth in the Percy Jackson film series, and as Lisa Tragnetti in the first season of HBO’s True Detective.

As Dwayne Johnson notes in his Instagram post, though, it’s worth mentioning that Alexandra Daddario worked with him in last year’s San Andreas, where she played his imperiled daughter in the crumbling state of California whom he has to save. His post also mentions the fact that he enjoyed working with her on that film, impressed as he was "by her chops and presence every day," and thought she’s be a good fit for her role in Baywatch.

In the original Baywatch TV series, which ran for ten years and gained international prominence, Roberta "Summer" Quinn was played by Nicole Eggert. The character and her mom had moved to California to leave the elder Quinn’s abusive boyfriend behind. The two moved across the country in their trailer and put down stakes in a local trailer park. After her mother’s ex tracks them down and confronts her, another lifeguard, Matt Brody saves her, which begins their long-term relationship.

I can imagine that Alexandra Daddario’s version of Summer will also have a romantic relationship with someone in the Baywatch movie, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Zac Efron’s version of the Matt Brody character will step up to the bikini-wearing plate for that honor.

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