Baz On His Epic Outback

Nicole Kidman in Luhrman’s last movie, 2004’s Moulin Rouge.

Until now, about all we’ve known about Baz Luhrman’s untitled next project is that it’s set in the Australian Outback, Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman are in it, and it’s not about gay cowboys. Or at least we don’t think its about gay cowboys. But the notoriously slow to screen director has finally talked to someone about his new film, and that someone is the Australian media

He adds to our list of known facts that unlike his last movie Moulin Rouge, this one is not a musical. It’s also not a true story, but it’ll be set against the backdrop of World War II and the bombing of Darwin (which must be a place, and not the scientist). “It's to go the Lawrence of Arabia road and take two of the world's most extraordinary actors - more than two - to some of the most extraordinary scenic landscape in the world,” Baz says. “We're going to do what David Lean did. He shot in Wadi Rum [in Jordan]. We'll be shooting in the Kimberleys.”

The movie is backed by 20th Century Fox, a big Hollywood studio, but Luhrman is determined that the Australian set movie be “something at home, for home.” Australian natives Crowe and Kidman apparently agree, since according to Baz they’re doing his project on the cheap. “We're in a unique moment where we can make an Australian film on a scale that's never been made about Australia with Australian actors in all the primary and lead roles,” Baz affirmed.

So when can we see it? Shooting is supposed to begin in August some time, which means you’ll have to wait till late 2007 or even 2008 before it hits screens here in America. If you’re wondering what to call it, wait a few weeks. Fan website Baz the Great says they’ll be announcing more details, like the movie’s title, in three weeks.