Ever since The Town became a surprise hit last fall and came close, depending on who you ask, to being a Best Picture nominee, Ben Affleck has been weighing a ton of different options for his next project, ranging from the new Superman movie to a historical drama about L.A. cops to the time-shifting drama Replay. None of them have worked out, but now another project has come along that may snag Affleck for good.

According to Heat Vision, Affleck is in early negotiations to direct Argo, an adaptation of a Wired magazine article by Joshuah Bearman that describes the strange confluence of Hollywood and the CIA that occurred to free six hostages from Iran in 1979. Along with the 55 hostages famously freed just after Ronald Reagan's inauguration, six Americans were successfully smuggled out of the country during the Iranian Revolution thanks to a cover story concocted by CIA agent Tony Mendez, who disguised them all as part of a Canadian film crew. You can read Bearman's entire, gripping article here, and it'll give you a far better sense of why this will make a great movie than I possibly could.

George Clooney and Grant Heslov will be involved as producers, having teamed on the similarly comic-tinged, Middle East-set film The Men Who Stare At Goats (though hopefully this one will be a lot more successful). Chris Terrio, the writer/director of the 2005 indie drama Heights, wrote the screenplay for this one. The heist elements of the story seem well-suited for Affleck, who did a great job maintaining tension with all those bank robberies in The Town. Argo seems to be a much larger project in scale, though, which should make it an interesting challenge for the rapidly blossoming actor-turned-director.

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