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While Gone Baby Gone was certainly won over critics, Ben Affleck's most recent directorial venture, The Town, had the benefit of critical praise as well as box office success, raking in $144 million worldwide on a $37 million budget. As a result, Affleck has quickly become one of the more in-demand directors working and has been considering his fair share of projects, including the wife swapping New York Yankees movie The Trade and the relive-your-own-life drama Replay. Now another project has appeared on his radar.

Deadline reports that Affleck has taken an interest in a script called American Bullshit, which ranked at number 30 on this year's Black List (the list of the year's best unproduced screenplays). The film centers on the sting operation by the FBI during the 70s and 80s known as abscam, during which they tried to root out corruption in the United States Congress. The big hook is that a great deal of the operation was directed by a man named Melvin Weinberg, who was a convicted con artist. The project is currently set up at Sony, but Affleck has yet to officially bite.

What ever Affleck ends up choosing as his next project will certainly pique the interest of the movie-going world. We're now going on eight years since Gigli first dropped into theaters. I think it is time to forgive and appreciate the talent that Ben Affleck brings to cinema.

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