The Best Rocket And Groot Fan Art

Post by James Gunn.

Going into Guardians Of The Galaxy, it looked like Bradley Cooper's Rocket Raccoon was going to steal the whole damned movie. But as any comic fan knows, in order to truly enjoy Rocket, you need to have his hired muscle/best friend for life Groot around to watch his back. These guys are like the new Jules and Vincent, a woodland Jay and Silent Bob, or – if you really want to get cute – the Marvel Comics version of Calvin and Hobbes. So naturally when a character or movie really kicks up some popularity on the internet, there's going to be memes and fan art abound, much like Mike S. Miller has done with the piece he created above. Miller's work is only the tip of the iceberg, as there's tons of really inspired art depicting these two friends for life, and this gallery is going to share some of the best examples of why this pair has set countless imaginations on fire.

Rocket Waters Groot

Korean artist Miru created this adorable variant of Rocket tending to his now smaller companion.

We Are Groot

DeviantArt user Aktheneroth crafted this adorable portrait of a young raccoon and his best (stuffed) friend. Though if you try to separate them, Rocket won't stay so cuddly.

Soon In A Galaxy Nearby

JoopaDoops gets the awesome potential of a Marvel/Star Wars mashup. Either that, or they really like that Patton Oswalt rant from Parks And Recreation. Either way, this image gets high marks!

Little Golden Book

BlogSpot artist JoeBot has probably just made the Little Golden Book to end all Little Golden Books.

I Say!

Chris Malone, aka "SurfDog Art" on Tumblr, reinvisions the two lads as gentlemen taking high tea! I do believe it's a striking likeness of very high distinction, and afterwards the boys can use their hats for target practice!

When Rocket Met Groot

Axel Medellin took Rocket and Groot and put them into a scene right out of When Harry Met Sally. And you know what? It still totally works.

Rocket Raccoon and Groot totsmygoats

Jordan Michael Johnson dreams of a Rocket that dares all challengers to just try and reduce his role in the sequel.

Warm Up

Doug Garbark weighed in on the lovefest with this more realistic "warm up" piece. If this is a warm up, I want to see what a full throttle piece looks like.

Saturday Morning

Naomi Romero not only sold this print at Comic Con, but if she put together a half hour worth of animation she'd have a hell of a Saturday Morning cartoon on her hands.

Groot Of Life

Frequent TeeFury star Karen Hallion actually took Klimt's Tree Of Life as inspiration to create her unique spin, Groot Of Life.

Rocket And Groot In Color

Artist Wetrilo shared this heartwarming print exclusively with the internet, so if you're a fan you should head on over to the link included and give them a shout.

Blown Away

Zach Smithson also took a cue from popular artwork with his piece. The inspiration is, of course, the "Blown Away" ads that Maxell ran in the 1980's. Surely, Star Lord would approve.

Chibi Rocket And Groot

I Life Loser posed the question, "What if Disney owned Nintendo?," and came up with an awesome answer as to why they should have their people look into the matter immediately.

Post by James Gunn.

Brendan Tobin closes our exhibit out with this awesome Groot inspired piece that's given even James Gunn some thoughts about Guardians Of The Galaxy 2. Looks like Rocket's got some stiff competition for MVP in the sequel! A hearty thank you to all of the awesome artists out there who handcraft such awesome tributes! Even if you're not featured on here, we appreciate your efforts!

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