Going into Guardians Of The Galaxy, it looked like Bradley Cooper's Rocket Raccoon was going to steal the whole damned movie. But as any comic fan knows, in order to truly enjoy Rocket, you need to have his hired muscle/best friend for life Groot around to watch his back. These guys are like the new Jules and Vincent, a woodland Jay and Silent Bob, or – if you really want to get cute – the Marvel Comics version of Calvin and Hobbes. So naturally when a character or movie really kicks up some popularity on the internet, there's going to be memes and fan art abound, much like Mike S. Miller has done with the piece he created above. Miller's work is only the tip of the iceberg, as there's tons of really inspired art depicting these two friends for life, and this gallery is going to share some of the best examples of why this pair has set countless imaginations on fire.

Rocket Waters Groot

Korean artist Miru created this adorable variant of Rocket tending to his now smaller companion.

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