Is it heresy to admit that I am more excited for Big Hero 6 than I am for Guardians of the Galaxy? James Gunn’s authentically edgy superhero adventure is poised to set theaters on fire as August begins, but the sweet and funny relationship formed by Hiro Hamada (Ryan Potter) and his balloonish creation, Baymax (Scott Adsit), amuses me to no end. We knew that a full trailer for the animated adventure was coming, thanks to teases we covered during the week. Now it has arrived, courtesy of MovieFone, and we have it for you above.

The bulk of the new trailer is a lengthy sequence where Hiro and Baymax explain to a disinterested police officer that they have encountered a deadly enemy wearing a kabuki mask, who is able to control mechanical creatures with his mind. Hiro can not convince the long arm of the San Franokyo police to help him, so he’s going to have to go it alone. Or with Baymax. Actually, with a whole team, who we meet later in the clip. First, here’s our first real look at the expected antagonist of Big Hero 6:

Big Hero 6 villain

And here’s why I love this movie, based purely on the little bits that we have seen so far. The physical comedy has room to breathe. In the first, short trailer, co-directors Don Hall and Chris Williams perfected the timing of the soccer ball gag. Here, they let a VERY funny tape gag play out, no matter how long it takes. We watch Baymax patch up his arm, slowly. And it gets funnier as it progresses. That takes cajones, in a kids comedy, to string them along for the joke. I watched this trailer with my 6-year-old son, and he was cackling with each new piece of tape. Brilliantly played, gentlemen.

Baymax tape

The rest of the Big Hero 6 team – voiced by the likes of T.J. Miller, Jamie Chung, Genesis Rodriguez and Damon Wayans Jr. – show up in the second half of this winning trailer. To learn more about the team, click Next Page for photos and bios worked up by our own Kristy Puchko. Big Hero 6 opens in theaters on Nov. 7.

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