Bikini Babes And Pointy Teeth: It Must Be New Shark Night Photos

When we got this poster for Shark Night 3D everyone got excited, probably because it looked a lot like this poster for Piranha 3D. Unfortunately, Shark Night 3D isn’t going to be that kind of movie. Anyone expecting the ridiculous over the top fun of Piranha will be disappointed, because Shark Night has already been announced as PG-13.

That doesn’t mean it won’t contain plenty of girls in bikinis. Actually, judging from the images we’ve gotten from the film so far, that may be just about all it contains. Just don’t expect them to take those tops off, and don’t expect those sharks too bite anything off that the kids in the audience might miss. With that in mind, check out these new Shark Night images featuring Sara Paxton’s midriff and one of those angry, but not too angry sharks.

Josh Tyler