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Bill And Ted Square Off In The Latest Epic Rap Battle Video

Time is no boundary for the Epic Rap Battles Of History crew, and that rule applies doubly so when Bill and Ted use their magical phone booth of history to throw down some rhymes with Lewis and Clark. Get ready for some sick burns across the fourth dimension as you watch the battle below.

The official YouTube channel dropped this video just last week, and after giving it a good watch, it looks like more of a challenge to pick a winner than we thought. On one hand, Lewis and Clark were excellent explorers in their own right, and they did map out the Louisiana Purchase after it was annexed to the American government. Guide or not, the fact that Lewis and Clark changed history is never in question.

Meanwhile, Bill and Ted are definitely more accessible to the audiences of today, as their grasp of history is right in the sweet sport of the audiences' knowledge base. Ultimate influence against history aside, the Wyld Stallyns crew not only have a fair amount of lyrical fire power, they also have the backing of geniuses from throughout time at their backs, ready to provide reinforcements. You really can't beat a nemesis that has command over time, so it is that reason alone that we'd give Bill and Ted the winning verdict in the overall rap battle.

Looking back at many of the Epic Rap Battles Of History episodes from the past, this really does look like the most skewed of the lot in quite a while. You could pick pretty much any other pairing, and a debate would ensue over who has the better skill set. The Doctor or Doc Brown? Ellen or Oprah? Martin Luther King Jr. or Mahatma Gandhi? All of those choices are difficult to make, but not Bill and Ted versus Lewis and Clark. Unless, of course, you take one key factor into consideration.

Should Lewis and Clark's defeat put them off of the original path of events they engaged in to make history, it would behoove Bill and Ted to let the pioneers win this round. If not, the course of American history could have been changed forever, and the future could veer off its previous course. So while we were eager to hand the Wyld Stallions an easy win in the beginning, we've carefully considered our actions and we'd like to think that even Rufus would approve of our preservation of the space time continuum.

Epic Rap Battles Of History has a long line of battles that pit some interesting pairs/teams against each other in a contest of lyrical supremacy. With such an impressive battle under their belt, it's interesting to think about who might be coming down the line. You can see that next battle for yourself whenever the next rap battle drops, courtesy of the series' official YouTube channel.

Mike Reyes

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