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Just after its premiere at Sundance, the blaxploitation spoof Black Dynamite was picked up for distribution by Sony Worldwide. Now, for reasons more complicated than it's worth explaining, Bob Berney's newly formed Apparition will be responsible for distributing the film domestically, and has set an October 16 start for the platform release.

Talking to Variety, Berney had high praise for the movie's spoofy style. "Even the strangest stuff in the film has been seen or done in those films. It's a sort of Austin Powers period comedy that appeals to younger audiences."

The movie was a hit coming out of Sundance midnight screenings, and also made its way over to the Tribeca Film Festival last spring, where I was less enthusiastic. Still, the old blaxploitation genre is ripe for parody, and it's been a while since Pootie Tang. Here's hoping Apparition can help this find the audience who will appreciate it.