Well it looks like perhaps New Line has learned their lesson where Blade is concerned… namely that the Blade franchise is all about Blade, not hot, young sidekicks however well acted and funny they may be. David Goyer of course doesn’t agree, so according to a rumor being run by the folks at MoviesOnline.ca, he’s out the door for a proposed Blade 4.

Yep, word is that despite word to the contrary a few months back and lackluster reception for Blade Trinity, Blade 4 is happening. According to their scooper, Snipes was already signed for another movie after Trinity, so if they are right and plans for the fourth film do go ahead, he’s probably a lock… unless he finally completely loses his mind and leaves the country or goes on a crazed killing spree. With Wesley you never know.

This is great news if true, I hated seeing Blade’s last cinematic outing be a mediocre movie where he’s minimized to a supporting character in his own film. Hopefully this also means New Line is scraping Goyer’s silly idea for a spinoff featuring Hannibal King and Whistler II as a way to avoid having to work with Snipes again.

Of course this is all still rumor, so keep checking back here till we pop up with some confirmation. That was a tease to keep you coming back even though I know as well as you do there probably will be none any time soon. Hey, click some banners too!

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