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Even though there has been a noticeable backlash against “found footage” films as of late, I find the genre itself to be on par with most others. There are the diamonds and, more commonly, there is the rough. Part of the problem is that cheap horror has been the predominant force behind the movement, and not a lot of legitimately renowned directors are clamoring to use the technique. Well that’s all about to change, for at least one film.

Bleeding Cool reports comedian/actor-turned-filmmaker Bobcat Goldthwait’s next project, while has already been filmed, mixes a Bigfoot-hunting narrative with the first-person camerawork for a film called Willow Creek, which will focus on “exploring the idea of bearing witness.” Though it’s just as low-budget as the usual horror fare, it’s a Bobcat film, so expect for there to be pointed satire and humor that is blacker than crude oil.

The film, which was shot sequentially over the course of a few days, is centered on a handful of characters who swear they’ve seen the mythical Bigfoot, and differing accounts and beliefs cause friction amongst the group. Apparently Bobcat will be using this as a way to shine a presumably judgmental light on faith and religion, and there will also be a suspenseful element to the flick as well. Actual Bigfoot hunters pop in for a few cameos as well.

With sublime films like Sleeping Dogs Lie, World’s Greatest Dad, and God Bless America behind him, Bobcat has proven himself to be a brutally honest and boundless filmmaker. So for Willow Creek to be his sixth feature is rather surprising, but all the more exciting to see where his talent will take this seemingly overplayed type of movie. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it’s anywhere near as good as Zak Penn and Werner Herzog’s Incident at Loch Ness.