Boone Knows How To Make Love To A Woman

Learn to make love the Jenna Jameson way, in the new movie How to Make Love to a Woman. HR says Josh Meyers, Krysten Ritter, and former Lost castmember Ian Somerhalder are set to star along with Jameson in the film.

It is not about learning how to make love the Boone way, which is probably a good thing since if you’ve ever watched Lost you’d know that would mean trying to screw your sister and then ending up dead. Instead, How to Make Love to a Woman is a rom-com about a music exec (Meyers) who can’t please his girlfriend in bed. He gets advice from his buddies and a porn star, but finds himself under the gun when a competitor for his girl’s affection (Somerhalder) shows up.

I always wonder what they’re thinking with sex-based romantic comedies like this. I mean, who is their audience? It’s a romantic comedy, so it’s not guys. But it’s centered on a crass topic, which isn’t exactly the sort of thing women show up at the movies for. Women want weddings and pregnancies not erection talk and Viagra popping. Men want giant robots and gunfire, not other dudes whining about their sexual impotency and flailing after a frigid woman.

Josh Tyler