The Boss Trailer Is Hysterical And Vicious

Melissa McCarthy has fallen into somewhat of a niche, as she tends to play the obnoxious character with no class or standards. Which makes the trailer for The Boss both refreshing and familiar, as she plays an obnoxious character – only with the highest standards known to humanity – as you can see for yourself below.

Directed by McCarthy's husband, and helmer of Tammy, Ben Falcone, The Boss tells the story of Michelle Darnell – an Suzy Orman-esque millionaire who has it all. Of course, being the mogul that she is, she doesn't have as keen of an eye on her finances as she should – and is sent to jail for insider trading. So obviously, she's going to need some help to get back on her feet when she gets out of jail, and Kristen Bell's character is there to give her just the helping hand she needs. Universal dropped this trailer during Jimmy Kimmel Live this evening, and chances are you'll be watching this before going to bed or getting up for work in the morning. You're welcome, world.

Falcone and McCarthy certainly look like they've learned their lesson, after Tammy delivered one of 2014's biggest disappointments to comedy fans who love the comedian and her work. While The Boss doesn't look like it's re-inventing the wheel with McCarthy's schtick, it does look like it's taken some notes and given her something new to do with her comedic timing and talents. Michelle Darnell is a character that matches her intelligence as a performer, while at the same time giving her the chance to spit her trademark brand of fire. Though if you're a fan of her physical comedy as well, you won't be disappointed as the trailer contains a hell of a gag involving an errant Murphy bed.

Bed Gag

While The Boss is going to be Melissa McCarthy's show through and through, she certainly has an able partner in Kristen Bell's comedic foil, as it's her job to play the straight woman to McCarthy's outlandish antics. If anything, her re-introduction to society through Bell's children in the film looks to be not only the center of gravity for the film's plot, but also most of the laughs that will come from the two characters' personalities. The brash bravado of Michelle when she starts her own brand of Girl Scouts is the highlight of this trailer, as McCarthy looks like she's in her element.

While she might have had a good summer with Spy making a decent splash this year, Melissa McCarthy's fortunes are looking to be even greater with The Boss warming audiences up for her part in Paul Feig's Ghostbusters reboot. The competition isn't too stiff for opening weekend, with the George Clooney / Jodie Foster vehicle Money Monster being the only true competitor to this film's chances. Funny how the weekend before Tax Day has two films about money gone wrong bowing on the same day.

The Boss clocks in on April 8, 2016. Buy her brownies, or she'll kill you.

Mike Reyes
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