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How Spider-Man Was Injured Filming Captain America: Civil War

We have been hearing a lot about Tom Holland’s version of Spider-Man, how he’s going to be a younger, less-experienced iteration of the classic wall-crawler. He will have been fighting crime for a short amount of time, but he won’t be a grizzled veteran. In fact, he’ll still be in high school. And if you need any more evidence of just how much Holland is learning on the job while entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you’ll appreciate this story.

Tom Holland was speaking with HeyYouGuys about his scenes for next summer’s Captain America: Civil War, and the reporter noticed scrapes and bruises on the young man’s face. But he didn’t receive them from Cap’s shield, or from Iron Man’s metal fists. It turns out, he tripped and fell on his own accord. Holland explains:

It was my own mistake. I basically fell over and bashed my face in front of about two hundred crew members, so not my most heroic moment! It was luckily just before my last shot; they were like, ‘Roll cameras!’ I was getting into position, everything went wrong, and they still did the take anyway. It looks great, and they’ll probably just CGI out all the blood, and yeah, I was very lucky.

Say it ain’t so, Marvel! You hired a graceless, bumbling Spider-Man for the MCU?! We’re doomed.

I’m kidding, of course. In fact, if Joe and Anthony Russo know what they are doing (and they usually do), they’ll incorporate the cuts and bruises into Holland’s portrayal of Peter Parker. For in his earliest adventures, young and skinny Parker frequently was having his ass handed to him by villain after villain, and Peter often had to hide these bumps and bruises from his nervous Aunt May (who will be played, in this version, by the beautiful Marisa Tomei).

There are so many unanswered questions when it comes to Tom Holland’s upcoming interpretation of Spider-Man. How will he factor into Civil War? How much screen time will the Russos give him? And what impact will he have on the overall plot? We already know that there are a significant number of heroes who are jockeying for screentime in what essentially feels like another Avengers movie. But Marvel has said that we won’t have to endure the origin of Spider-Man on screen again, so the hero will be able to hit the ground running … leading up to his own solo movie on July 2017.

For now, we have to wait until Marvel and Disney choose to show us the first official footage from Captain America: Civil War -- which could have the same impact as the recent Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. Especially if it gives fans our first look at a costumed (and bruised) Spider-Man.

Sean O'Connell
Sean O'Connell

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