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Watch Bruce Campbell Get Busy In First 4 Minutes Of Ash Vs Evil Dead

Everything that we have seen so far from Ash vs Evil Dead has convinced me this show is going to be one of the best of the year, if not THE best. And one big piece of evidence is the always amazing Bruce Campbell. Check out his dance moves and his sex moves in the first four vaguely NSFW minutes of the Starz series’ first episode.

For being a four-minute (or so) clip, the above vid is surprisingly packed with memorable moments. It kicks off with a rock riff and the iconic Ash squeezing his non-tip-top body into a girdle. Excellence. Then we get to see him chicken-legging around and drinking a Boppin’ Strawberry Hi-C before palming some condoms and telling his reptile Eli not to wait up. Also excellence. And of course he can’t leave his house without strapping on what is possibly the most iconic fake hand this side of Luke Skywalker. Sucks that the hand is the only thing he weaponizes his armhole with, but there’s still everything other bit of footage beyond this for us to watch him snap a chainsaw into it.

Even though we don’t yet get to meet Ash’s two coworkers that end up joining him on his quest to vanquish all of the deadites from the world, we do get to meet one of the demonic beasts that will be plaguing him anew. And it comes in – no pun intended – at the worst possible time, as he’s thrusting away at a lady he’d just met in a bar and impressed with his missing hand story. I mean, if he’s going to postpone double-fisting wine glasses for something, sex makes a lot of sense. But not sex that ends with an otherworldly being delivering an ominous warning. That shit is most definitely not arousing. Plus, that’s got to make for an awkward post-coital conversation.

ash vs evil dead

Thank God – or whatever entity reacts to readings from the Necronomicon – that we don’t have much longer to wait for Ash vs Evil Dead to air in its entirety. The first of the ten half-hour episodes is set to premiere on Starz (opens in new tab) on Saturday, October 31, just in time to munch down on some Halloween candy. And don’t forget to tune in early for an Evil Dead marathon prior to the show starting.

Nick Venable
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