Cameron Diaz Bares All In Barely Safe For Work Sex Tape Trailer

The cloud. No one understands it. And as the new Sex Tape green-band trailer points out, it causes all sorts of problems!

The cloud is where Jason Segel accidentally uploads the sex tape he just filmed with his wife, Cameron Diaz, in an effort to spice up their suddenly drab marriage. Slap on a thong and some roller skates, roll camera, and rekindle the passion, right? Only, as you can tell in the Sex Tape trailer, the saucy clip ends up in everyone’s inbox thanks to that damn cloud. And now Segel and Diaz have to stumble through numerous painful pratfalls to retrieve the footage – is that even possible? – and save themselves some embarrassment.

As the clip promotes, Sex Tape comes to us from the brains behind Cameron Diaz’s equally raunchy (but far less "Skin-emax-y") Bad Teacher. Director Jake Kasdan is back behind the camera, reuniting Teacher co-stars Diaz and Segel for a similarly broad, edgy brand of comedy. Here’s what it looked like last time this team got together.

And much like he did in Bad Teacher, Kasdan does an excellent job of surrounding Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel with capable comedians ready to carry scenes after the physical humor has petered out. Rob Corddry, Jack Black, Ellie Kemper, Rob Lowe and Jolene Blalock will be counted on to serve as comedic Viagra in the Sex Tape screenplay, injecting ribald jokes to keep the whole thing moving along at a rapid clip. I’m also interested to see what kind of resolution screenwriter Kate Angelo (The Back-Up Plan) has in store for Sex Tape. I mean, once the tape is out, it’s out, right? Segel can fall from as many heights at his kid’s school as possible. That ain’t putting the sexy clip back in the cloud now, is it?

Sex Tape continues a string of features Cameron Diaz looks to carry with her incredible physique. Not that it’s a bad thing. But at 41, I’m wondering how much longer Diaz can milk the "skinny hot chick" routine in films. She leans heavily on that in the upcoming The Other Woman. And the only thing I remember about Ridley Scott’s The Counselor is Diaz having sex with a windshield. Listen, I’d probably do the same if I looked as fit as Diaz. But she’s a genuinely funny actress who could be doing projects in Kristen Wiig’s wheelhouse, without still having to rely on a thong and roller skates.

Sex Tape will be in theaters on July 25, giving horny audiences a respite from all the pent-up superhero action that will dominate multiplexes this season. For racier scenes, catch the red-band trailer that dropped earlier. And curse the cloud.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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