New Captain America: Civil War Image Teases An Epic Marvel Superhero Battle

Now that we’re only a few months away from the release of Captain America: Civil War we’re starting to see more and more images from the film that may give us clues as to more of what we can expect from the superhero against superhero fighting bonanza. A new image from Marvel is currently giving us something else to ponder.

Civil War

Well, that certainly gives us more to think about. The image was posted by Marvel and is actually concept art by Ryan Meinerding and Andy Park. And the shot tells us a lot about the main conflict of Captain America: Civil War.

One thing that seems apparent from the concept art is the kind of fights we can expect between certain characters. We already knew that Cap and Iron Man would go at it pretty fiercely, since they lead the opposing sides to superhero registration, but now we also see particular sets of superheroes taking their opinions out on each other with fists, claws and energy blasts ready.

So, Black Widow and Ant-Man will likely do battle. Which, honestly, seems like a strange combination to me, since she has no actual superpowers and he’s got a suit that lets him shrink to almost nothing and retain the force behind every move. How can she spin kick or punch a dude she can’t even see? And, why would Ant-Man bother playing fair with Black Widow? If you could win a fight by shrinking or calling upon your ant army, isn’t that exactly what you’d do?

Next, let’s take a look at Vision and Scarlet Witch. It’s going to be his Infinity Stone energy blast versus her hex-sphere deflection. Well, this fight could go on all night. He blasts, she deflects. The only thing that can amp this fight up is if one of their brethren steps in to help one side or the other. Someone needs to knock these two off balance so they can attack and defend in new and intriguing ways. Vision could just phase out and go right through her shield, throwing Scarlet Witch for quite a loop.

It looks like the trailer gave us the right idea by showing shots, albeit brief, of Black Panther and The Winter Soldier kicking each other’s asses all over town. This is no surprise, of course, since Black Panther is pissed as hell at our friend Bucky for his Winter Soldiering days as a Hydra operative, and is only in the US to apprehend him and bring him to justice for crimes in Wakanda (which Bucky didn’t actually commit). This will be quite a fight, but, even with his cool super-arm, how is Bucky supposed to get the drop on a guy with a suit that’s made of the dynamic metal vibranium? That crap does everything. You could basically put it in a fight with a dummy inside and the suit would still win. So, the Buckster is going to have his work cut out for him, here.

In the upper right corner, we can see Falcon and War Hammer (he’s War Hammer now, remember that) fighting the good fight for their opposing sides. I’m sure this will be one hell of a battle, but, let’s face it, War Hammer has guns, and I don’t mean the well-toned arm kind. Falcon is beyond cool, and I’m sure he can duck and dodge a lot of blasts, but a gun is a gun, you guys. The only way he gets out of this alive is because War Hammer wants him to.

Last, but not least, we have a lonely little Hawkeye about to take aim at someone. Is it Ant-Man before he gets a chance to shrink down and pummel Black Widow? Probably, since they’re good friends and he’s firmly on Cap’s side while she takes a more neutral position, trying to let the differing sides battle it out among themselves. There’s also something else to notice here. Will Hawkeye not get his own special superpowered nemesis? Will his objective be to float around helping whatever member of his team needs him? I guess we’ll see when Captain America: Civil War opens on May 6, 2016.

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