Spider-Man Fights A Member Of Team Cap In Latest Captain America: Civil War Footage, See It Now

While Spider-Man’s presence in Captain America: Civil War had long been rumored, we still had little idea how much the wall crawler would really be doing in the movie. When he finally made an appearance in the film’s trailer, it was still difficult to know just how involved in the story he would actually be. Now, from a recent TV spot we not only get to see Spider-Man again, but we get to see him in action. The Winter Soldier is going to get to know Spider-Man, up close and personal. Check it out.

While this Spider-Man is a new character for us, in this TV spot he still looks like the same man we know and love. Swinging in on a web, getting up close and personal with an opponent, and then making jokes, or in this case, getting a little overly excited about the people he’s gotten himself involved in. He’s every bit the eager teenager. Exactly the character we’ve been expecting to meet.

Upon a closer examination, we see that Spider-Man is going to get physical with more than one character here as the person that he drop kicks is not the Winter Soldier. He’s running away from that sequence. It’s unbelievably frustrating that Captain America: Civil War is still nearly two weeks away. We now have so many questions about exactly how Spider-Man fits into the plot. We know that Spider-Man is working withTony Stark to some degree, but is the kid just working under orders of the famous inventor, or does he have his own agenda. It’s clear Spider-Man is not intimately familiar with the Winder Soldier, as the teen was apparently unaware of the metal arm.

We’d also be remiss, and we’d get hell at the next company meeting, if we didn’t point out that right before you see Spider-Man in this spot, you get a quote from the Captain America: Civil War review of our own Eric Eisenberg. Taken from the review you can find here, he calls it "everything a blockbuster should be." The rest of us have to take his word for it. He’s the only one who seen it so far. This makes Eric both the most, and least, popular person in the office.

The more we see of Captain America: Civil War the more we tend to think Eric’s perspective may have been true. Spider-Man vs the Winter Soldier is just one of the superhero battles that we want to see in this blockbuster, and it looks like we’re going to get it. The rest of us get to see what all the hype is about when Civil War hits theaters May 6.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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