Will Captain America Have A Love Interest In Civil War? Here's What The Directors Say

In the four Marvel films he's appeared in, Captain America hasn’t had the best of luck with the ladies. Sure, he managed to save the world on umpteen occasions, but his romantic efforts with Peggy Carter, Sharon Carter, and even Natasha Romanoff have all been short-lived. In fact, it’s assumed that he’s still a virgin. But it turns out that could change in Captain America: Civil War, because director Joe Russo teased that the Star-Spangled Avenger will have a romantic interest in the blockbuster.

Joe Russo, who is directing Captain America: Civil War alongside his brother Anthony, made this admission while chatting to Comic Book.com. OK, he didn’t actually confirm that Steve Rogers will be smooching in the film, but he definitely suggested that it’s on the agenda. When asked about Captain America’s romantic life in Civil War, Russo explained:

That falls under the surprise in the story as well, but we can only keep Cap romantically uninvolved for so long. At some point, something has to happen with that character, so we are very aware of his lack of romantic life. We want to keep dimensionalizing his character so maybe something interesting will happen.

It makes sense that Captain America would be sought after by the ladies, and probably quite a few men too. First things first, he has Chris Evans' handsome face. Secondly he has been injected with a serum that means he has the kind of muscles that only a man with such pharmaceutical assistance can attain. Plus, there's the fact that he repeatedly saves the world from destruction by annihilating bad guys with ease and panache also means that he’s gained plenty of admirers along the way. But who is likely to be romantically linked with Captain America in Civil War?

Well, most likely it will be Sharon Carter, also known as Agent 13. Their flirty relationship was previously teased in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and it’s already been revealed that she will share her allegiance with Steve Rogers in Civil War. How the Russo Brothers will find time to build a genuine and affecting romance between the pair is anyone’s guess considering just how packed Civil War’s roster is though, but I have faith they’ll succeed.

Meanwhile, there is a chance that Steve Rogers’ romance could be with another character. Because when the above question was posed to the Russo Brothers, Anthony Russo actually answered with, “You mean, aside from Cap Bucky?” Fingers crossed Anthony Russo is going for the double bluff and the Captain America and Bucky Barnes romance proves to be true, as that would be one of the biggest shocks in the history of celluloid. 

We’ve now only got a few months to wait for Captain America: Civil War’s release, as it finally hits cinemas on May 6, 2016. 

Gregory Wakeman