Captain America: The Winter Soldier To Cast Revenge's Emily VanCamp As Female Lead

For months, Captain America fans have been waiting to learn who would play the female lead in the anticipated sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The latest update is that Emily VanCamp is reportedly in talks to take on the role for the film due in theaters April 4, 2014.

We don't yet know the specifics on Captain America: The Winter Soldier's leading female character, though speculation has been that it could be Sharon Carter. There have been a lot of rumors and speculation over who might play the role, and today, Deadline reports that VanCamp is in talks to star opposite Chris Evans in Marvel's Captain America sequel.

VanCamp has some feature credits to her name, but most of her notable work to date are on the small screen, with Everwood and Brothers & Sisters among her previous credits. And she's currently starring as the vengeful Emily Thorne in ABC's soapy drama Revenge. As Emily Thorne, VanCamp comes off as graceful, elegant and sometimes borderline delicate on the surface, but one of her trademark icy glares tells a much different story, demonstrating the characters' inner strength without a word spoken. VanCamp's Captain America role may not involve vengeance, but at the very least, we know she has range.

In other Captain America news, Deadline adds that they've heard that Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) will be featured in the sequel, though no specifics on how she might fit into the story were mentioned.

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