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Everyone always talks about The Fast & The Furious when discussing Paul Walker. I get it. Those movies are all kinds of loveable and awesome, but for me, the greatness of Walker always starts and ends with Varsity Blues, the single greatest raunch comedy ever made about whipped cream bikinis and quarterback battles in Texas. It’s goofy, obnoxious, over-the-top and way too much fun to be ignored.

The IMDB page and common sense might tell you James Van Der Beek is the star as backup quarterback Mox Moxon, but for me, the film has always started and ended with the handsomeness of Paul Walker’s first string quarterback, Florida State recruit Lance Harbor. He’s so good-natured and hilariously dumb that he makes me smile every single time I watch the movie. So, in honor of what would have been Paul Walker’s 41st birthday, let’s look back at his 3 greatest Varsity Blues moments.

We miss you, buddy.

#1) His Epic Pep Rally Speech
This is what happens when everyone hangs on every single one of your words. They cheer. They groan. And ultimately, the speaker has no idea he said nothing of value whatsoever. This speech has maybe fifty words in it. Every single one is good old boy gold, laced with a self-assurance that can only come from being a star quarterback in the state of Texas blessed with very few mental gifts.

That being said, you have to appreciate how short and to the point it is. There’s nothing worse than a pep rally speech that doesn’t seem to understand the get-in-get-out approach.
#2) Obviously, He Knocked The Can Off
Look: I’m not here to bash Mox. He’s a good character, and I root for him throughout the movie. But he’s no Lance Harbor. At no point is that clearer than when the two boys line up to knock cans off their fathers heads with footballs. Lance, of course, knocks his can over like it’s the easiest thing in the world. Mox, well, he has some problems.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m not sure there’s ever been a movie character I’d rather have throw a skinny post if my life depended on it than Lance Harbor. That kid has a steady cannon.
#3) The Quiet Of The Crowd After His Injury
Injuries aren’t reasons to celebrate. In fact, it’s devastating when Lance goes down, but there’s something pretty damn impressive about the hush that falls over the crowd. No one speaks. Everyone just stares ahead in complete disbelief, except for the random women and football players who start crying. It’s like the high school equivalent of when Derrick Rose tore his ACL--- just complete and utter confusion from the crowd.

I wish we could all have at least one moment in which thousands of people wept at our injuries. Good times, except also really sad.