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Take it from me—a dedicated nerd girl with a passion for fashion—it can be difficult to be stylish while displaying your fangirl pride. Often the coolest allusionary tees are made only in men's sizes, leaving us lady fans to seek out vintage kid tees, or be forced into the loathsome "baby tee" option that has somehow survived its '90s heyday. But fangirl fashion is crawling out of the thrift store thanks to a plucky batch of designers who find their inspiration in fantasy, sci-fi and horror!

Io9 tipped us off to Crissy Baker and company who own and operate the Etsy shop Nerd Alert Designs. Here the ladies spin their love of video games, '80s cartoon shows, and movies into vintage inspired garments with a geek chic edge. The custom-made clothes they offer range from pretty straightforward cosplay to cute sundresses upcycled from vintage bed sheets, to a few that add a playful approach to some truly ghoulish delights, like this adorable dress that's pocket is the key to making the lucky lady in it the newest incarnation of Evil Dead's Ash! Hey, why should Jane Levy have all the fun?

Another more twisted, yet more subtle option for female fans of body horror is Nerd Alert's tribute to Human Centipede.

However, if you're more interested in a galaxy far, far away, they've got plenty of Star Wars-inspired duds, including my personal favorite, a kickin' '60s styled cocktail dress that's one part Betty Draper and two parts Darth Vader.

Check out all Nerd Alert has to offer at Etsy.

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