Check Out Batman's Wonderful Toys In New Dawn Of Justice Video

Batman is one of the world’s best fighters, but punches and kicks only go so far. That’s why it’s fortunate that Bruce Wayne a billionaire, because with his resources, he’s accumulated a lot of cool gadgets to use against criminals in Gotham City. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be no exception, and with a little over a week until the movie hits theaters, there’s a new video providing a closer look at the Dark Knight’s cool toys starting at the 2:35 mark.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s prop master Douglas Harlocker spoke with DC All Access on what went into making the three primary tools he uses in the field. You won’t find these things at your local Walmart, seeing as Bruce has all that money and Wayne Enterprises at his disposal, which only promises access to the best of the best. Harlocker also revealed that Alfred Pennyworth had a hand in building some of these gadgets, giving him more to do than just being Bruce’s butler.

Batman Batarangs

First up, the Batarangs. These projectile weapons have been seen before in the Tim Burton, Joel Schumacher and Christopher Nolan Batman movies, but for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, director Zack Snyder wanted them to have a bigger presence. Not only is this Batarang capable of disarming opponents, but it also functions as a "calling card," which we saw used to brand a criminal in a previous trailer. After Harlocker came up with several designs, Snyder chose the above version because of how it could stick into anything and its "lethal aspect."

Batman Grappling Gun

Next, the grapple gun, which can either propel Batman to a higher level or pull an enemy closer to him. Looking similar to the grapple gun from the Dark Knight Trilogy, Douglas Harlocker went over the main features of such a tool. He specifically focused on the spool of cable, the winding device and a way to cut cable for reloading. An added bonus with this grappling gun was that the butt of the handle was fashioned so the Caped Crusader could strike bad guys with it like a hammer

Batman Cowl

Finally, there’s Batman’s cowl, which is more advanced than previous versions, with Douglas Harlocker comparing it to a helmet for a jet fighter pilot. The mask may look normal on the outside, but underneath is technology built in to do more than just cover his face. The two main features touched upon are the throat piece that both modifies his voice and allows him to communicate with Alfred in the Batcave, as well as retractable lenses that can either protect his eyes or enhance his sight. With these three gadgets at Batman’s disposal, he can strike even more fear into the hearts of criminals, just in case the fighting and elaborate costume wasn’t enough.

You can see all of Batman’s gadgets in action when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is released on March 25.

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